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Codecompiler programming tests are valuation solutions for employing professional programmers. They can easily be taken online by using some of the collective browsers. The tests are programmed and have a coding set-up and can be taken from any computer with an internet connection. An assessment report is produced for each challenge which helps decide the right choice for the job role.

Codecompiler is one of the best programmer assessment solutions. Coding development of every candidate is recorded and can be studied later. The test proctoring characteristic gives the recruiter a sure shot method for testing candidates. The assessment report produced provides an understanding into judgement, speed and accuracy of the candidate. It also helps in tracking the online technical footprint of the candidate and makes sure that you hire the perfect candidate for the job.

Assigning Codecompiler tests is quick and easy with the help of a few steps: Assign and e-mail the test tickets to the candidates. After reading the curriculum and instructions, your candidates click on the Take a test button and fill the registration. The result will be available immediately the candidate completes the test and you will be able to view the candidate’s score online.

You can check the topics covered in the test by clicking on the test name from the list of tests.

All the tests are closed book tests. No study material or unfair means should be used while taking a test.

You can restart from where you left. The candidate can use the Test start link and resume the test to continue from where it was left off.

Benefits of our Code Contests to companies using it?

The first and the foremost advantage of code contests is that it saves time considerably, amplifies and increases the chances of hiring the best and most appropriate candidates. It helps you to enhance your marketing skills and promote your product in the most impressive and effective way. It enables you to sort the candidates and compare their real-time reports based on their performance in the programming tests. It allows you to compare the attributes of up to four different candidates at once and accelerate your hiring process. You can eliminate the chances of use of unfair means. The use of browser lock feature and live proctoring limit any scope of unfair means that may be used by the candidate. The candidates may use the programming environment to test their codes before submitting them. They may even specify their own test cases.


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