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How it Works!


First you have to begin with the registration process. Get yourself registered with us to begin with the whole process.

Start a challenge

Initiate to take up a challenge or a contest.

Issues or problems

You can add from existing pool of problems or start your own.

Inviting candidates

Invite candidates to take up your code contest.


Promote your contest and apply all your marketing skills in the promotional activities for enhanced business and profits.

View Progress

You will definitely be able to witness results in real time.


The final and the last step is to perceive overall results of passed candidates and pronounce winners.


We do things differently.
Focused on helping our clients to build a successful team.

Saves your time & money

A very powerful tool for hiring and choosing programmers and coders at very inexpensive prices

Complete control

A high number of candidates can be controlled concurrently using the service. You can even choose from the already existing problems or create your own problems.

1000+ Problem Sets

You have ample choice to choose from these problems which is an added benefit.

Evaluate programming Skills

As the candidates attempt their tests, you may virtually monitor their attempts as they code in real time. Once the tests are complete, easily access the reports and results online.

60+ languages

Code Compiler Supports more than 60 languages, including all the popular ones.

User Friendly

The service has an adaptive interface so that the candidates can customize their coding setting interface as per their convenience.

Online Technical Footprint

The programming test report is amplified with an online technical footmark report about the candidate which gives a brief account of the technical collaboration activities of the candidates on a platform like GitHub.

Real-time and comprehensive Reports

Effortlessly select candidates and frame your hiring decisions on the basis of the real-time reports available on the Codecompiler platform.

PHP CMS platforms 2020

Languages we Supporat

We support over 60+ languages


Codecompiler offers you these services at such a reasonable cost. It is completely inexpensive and easily affordable. We offer different options that would suit your needs according to your requirements. Our pricing system is divided into various plans. You can choose a plan that suits best to your needs. These cost plans are discussed below with the prices and the benefits that you can avail with each plan.


  • 999 Test Sessions
  • Problem Level - Easy, Medium & Hard
  • Secure Mode
  • 365 Days Validity


  • 15 Test Sessions
  • Problem Level - Easy
  • Secure Mode
  • 30 Days Validity


  • 30 Test Sessions
  • Problem Level - Easy, Medium & Hard
  • Secure Mode
  • 45 Days Validity


  • 100 Test Sessions
  • Problem Level - Easy, Medium & Hard
  • Secure Mode Available
  • 45 Days Validity


  • 300 Test Sessions
  • Problem Level - Easy, Medium & Hard
  • Secure Mode Available
  • 45 Days Validity


  • Flexible Test Sessions
  • All problem levels
  • Secure Mode Available
  • Validity as per volumes

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